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Guitar Pro has been around for a number of years now and is surely a program most guitarists are aware of. It is a tablature program that assists the guitarist in learning and composing new songs. Guitar Pro 6 has been described as the ‘standard’ for guitarists when it comes to guitar tablature editing and the reviews are certainly promising.

It comes with 40 new features, a new mixing table, as well as everything you could ever need for composing, editing and playing your music. It is a guitarists dream. Put it this way; no aspiring or professional guitarist should be without Guitar Pro 6. If you’ve just joined an established band who want you to learn all their music, you can simply download all their guitar tabs to Guitar Pro 6 and learn them swiftly. Likewise, if you want to quickly learn a cover song, Guitar Pro 6 has to be your go-to program!

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Many guitarists may admit to not being able to read music. Perhaps at the start of the 20th century, such an admittance would have been viewed with scorn and disdain, but it is now a common fact that most guitarists rely on tablature for learning composing new music.

Popular guitar tab websites such as are sustained by guitar enthusiasts who are hungry for tabs of their favourite songs, and the great thing about Guitar Pro 6 is that you can download the tabs from these websites and convert them into MIDI files, which means that you can listen as you learn. Accessibility is this products byword.

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You don’t have to just listen and learn to song that fellow guitarists have tabbed - with Guitar Pro 6, you can create your own transcriptions. And it is so easy! Moreover, if you’re a songwriter the program is easy and simple to operate, and you can easily edit your own music, altering the time signatures and note duration, as well as manipulating your compositions with effects. It’s all simple to use, and is designed to assist you in your songwriting ventures. It also comes with an ability to detect the names of chords, so that if you’re ever stuck on a chord shape, you can quickly discover what it is at just the click of a button.

Guitar Pro 6

Not only this, but as a songwriter you are also given the chance to learn more about music theory. Because, let’s face it, not all of us were born with the intuition of rock maestro Slash, were we? Not all of us have the inherent songwriting ability of Paul McCartney. For this reason, Guitar Pro 6 have implemented a handy songwriting feature that allows you to transcribe your rhythm track before the program recommends which scales would work perfectly for a guitar solo on top of said rhythm. The more you use this feature, the more intuition you will gain. You will be writing your own perfectly harmonised solos and rhythms before you know it.


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